World's smallest battery CO alarm


£108.99 ex VAT

Downlight integrated with the world’s smallest battery-powered carbon monoxide alarm. You’ll only notice it when your life depends on it.

Fully fire-rated to keep spaces safe and sound.

Powerful protection in the world’s smallest package.

Battery back-up for peace of mind across your entire home.

Protect against the silent killer.

The world’s smallest battery-powered carbon monoxide alarm stays hidden inside the centre of our Downlight. It stays out of sight and silent until you need it most, constantly monitoring and measuring to keep everyone in your home safe and sound.


Battery type

Non-replaceable CR2 10-year battery

Battery life

Minimum 10-year life in normal operating conditions

Sensor life

10 years after manufacturing date

Operating temperature

+4°C to +38°C (tested 0°C to 55°C)

Operating humidity

Up to 90% RH non-condensing


Audible indicator minimum 85dB @ 3 metres in anechoic successive tones


30/60/90 - Solid Joist 30 - Metal Webbed Joist & I-Joist

Product colour



Cut-out size








Important bits.

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Every product detail on one useful, downloadable datasheet.

Install sheet.

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Test certification.

All our official certifications, ready for you to download.


At Lumi-Plugin® we believe everybody deserves beauty and safety in their home.
We are proud of our almost non-existent failure rate which is why our carbon monoxide alarm comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  • What makes the Lumi-CO® alarm different?

    It’s the world’s smallest carbon monoxide alarm with a 10-year battery and integrated light, to keep your space bright, beautiful and most importantly – safe.

  • Is the Lumi-CO® alarm as safe as ordinary carbon monoxide alarms?

    Yes. All our products including our carbon monoxide alarm are fully accredited and certified by third-party regulators to ensure peace of mind across your entire home. Our carbon monoxide alarm is more discreet but no less complete, making your space safe and stylish.

  • Is it ok to have carbon monoxide alarms close to lights?

    Yes. the carbon monoxide alarm plugin has been tested so the alarms detects and functions with light fittings in place. If your electrician has any queries please get them to contact us on or +44 (0) 3303 801 329 and we will be happy to answer any questions they may have.

  • If the Lumi-CO® alarm fails or light fails do I have to replace the whole fixture?

    No. We’ve designed the product so you just replace the part you need. You can replace the carbon monoxide alarm here and the light source here. However, our light has a 5-year use non-stop life cycle or 50,000 hours and our carbon monoxide alarm has a 10 year life so you don’t need to worry about this for a while.

  • Where would I need a carbon monoxide alarm in my home?

    Carbon monoxide alarms are designed to protect you from the silent killer. Examples of risks in your home include but are not limited to… your boiler or log burner and more.

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