PIR sensor with light


£58.99 ex VAT

Downlight integrated with mains-powered, IP54 rated and fully fire-rated motion sensor. Energy efficient sensors that are very economical to run.

Energy and cost efficient lighting for your home.

Accredited and fully certified by third-party regulators.

Place where you need automation the most.

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Save on costs while saving the planet.

Our automatic PIR sensor plugin only activates your lighting system when the space is in use. Easy to install within our Downlight and automatically switching on the lights or even an extractor fan when someone enters the room – turning them off only when they leave so you can take care of your costs, and the planet too.



220-240V AC 50/60Hz

Ambient light

>3-2000 LUX adjustable

Detection distance

6m max.

Detection moving speed

0.6 -1.5m/s

Installation height

2-4 metres

Working humidity


Working temperature

-20°c to +40°c

Power consumption


Rated load

Max. 400W

Time delay

Min. 10sec, Max. 15min


30/60/90 - Solid Joist 30 - Metal Webbed Joist & I-Joist

Product colour



Cut-out size








Important bits.

Here you can find all the information you need to achieve streamlined results.

Design files.

.RFA, .LDT, and .IES files to help streamline your design.


Every product detail on one useful, downloadable datasheet.

Install sheet.

Download the installation sheet for all our technical know-how.

Test certification.

All our official certifications, ready for you to download.


At Lumi-Plugin® we believe everybody deserves beauty and safety in their home.
We are proud of our almost non-existent failure rate which is why our PIR sensor comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  • What makes the Lumi-PIR® sensor different?

    It’s completely integrated within the Downlight, to reduce your ceiling clutter by combining features for multi-functional, useful ceilings.

  • How do PIR sensors work?

    They provide automated lighting so when somebody walks into a room they switch the lights on or even an extractor fan on, and when they leave they automatically switch off, saving you energy, costs and impact on the environment.

  • If the Lumi-PIR® sensor fails or light fails do I have to replace the whole fixture?

    No. We’ve designed the product so you just replace the part you need. You can replace the PIR sensor here and the light source here. However, our light has a 5 year use non-stop life cycle or 50,000 hours and our PIR sensor has a 10 year life so you don’t need to worry about this for a while

  • Where could I have a PIR sensor in my home?

    Anywhere you wish. Bathrooms and hallways are popular areas to automatically light up. This is because they automatically turn off after a period of time if you forget to turn it off- saving you energy. However, why not fit throughout every room for fully automated living?

  • Does the Lumi-PIR® sensor only turn on the Downlight it is integrated within?

    Luckily for you, it comes without any pre-wiring. Meaning you can choose what you like to switch on and off at any one time, including the light it sits within.

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